Friday, March 15, 2013

I witness every single day,  how so many beautiful things get created. They may be either a material creation or a conceptual learning, which may happen by old knowledge or by gaining new knowledge.

When I teach a small child in the class I notice how a human body reacts to the new learning. When I do the same dances, I also feel, how the same movement feels more polished after four decades of dancing. But it also sends a message, I feel the worn out parts of the body due to my oldage. But with all these thoughts churning inside me, I indulge myself in the beauty of nature. When I restarted speaking with artists for the 5th St. Louis Indian Dance Festival, I experienced so much of enthusiasm and happiness to come and show their talent. I am really thrilled to see their artistic achievement.

It is a blessing to stay in St. Louis, with such a great art loving place, where every single Indian tries his/her best to come and support art activity amidst their busy life. Dance and music in this city has become an integral part our culture. It amazes how these children run between two different cultures and yet showcase prowess in both. Applaudes to that ability....

I will be presenting a small piece with both Kathak and Bharathanatyam. Feel good to dance among the best dancers of the field. It scares me sometime. But once you are on the road driving, you do not feel the tiredness of travel anymore, because you enjoy the cruise... the wind .... the nature.... which makes you comfortable. In our case ... it is the beauty of human body, the elegance of rhythms,  colorful variations of emotional sketches etc etc... Every single performance is an experience, I love this experience. So, I welcome all of you to come and see me and my other 21 co-dancers who are coming from different cities of USA, India and Europe on april 19, 20, 21 in the 5th St. Louis Indian Dance Festival.... Catch you all later. Have a nice spring break.

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