Wednesday, April 20, 2011

St. Louis Indian Dance Festival ----- a great wonderful experience of art and comunity

It was a great meeting place of some of the great Indian classical dance Gurus and artists of this great country USA and from India. It was such a long preparation with so many people pitching in and making the festival such a wonderful experience. I believe in sharing our talents and artistic wealth with everyone. Initially I had tremors in my heart, whether I can pull this forward. B'cos doing a festival of this magnitude is impossible with one man alone. having wonderful friends such as Lily, Baskar, Nagendra, nirmala, Prabhu, Sridhar made this event plausible .... thanks guys.... other friends such as Sanjeev,mati, vinu, vinod, prahlad, rakesh, kumuda, anita, anita-vinu, lakshmi reddy, manisha, shalini, annuja, gajana, shubhi, keertana, adya, sameeksha ..... man .... the list too large .... This is an Indian dance festival every association pitched in Kannada association sent emails to its members and encourged all its members to support the 23 dance events .... gujarati association moved forward and not only sent the information to all its members, but also encouraged their team - "Nartana" representing Gujarath through Garbha raas.... Namaskar desi run by Rao Chilakala placed our information on their website .... The Indian Students of Washington University danced Bhangra so wonderfully .....St. Louis Indian Dance Festival truely represented the true spirit of Indian Diaspora of St. Louis area.... one dance teacher mentioned, an appreciative audience of St. Louis reminded her of the appreciative audience of Mylapore (a pure Bharathanatyam heaven);

With so much success of placing so many artists in this festival for the third time in a row... I believe all the St. Louis Indian Population is really showing up their rich dance traditions to west.... thanks to all of you.... my heart is still beating hard remembering the wonderful performances which Gurus Such as Mythiliji and Guru hemaji produced with an impeccable artistry of Sreyashi Dey, Roopa Shyamasundara, Sujatha Srinivasan, Ashwini, Lakshmi, Anjali, Soorya Performing Team, Patrick and many others .... was just over whelming

Good job everyone .... for those who missed such a wonderful presentation I will be posting a 15 minutes clip so you all can have an idea and get prepared for 2012.......

Thats it for now ....


  1. Mesmerizing dance performances by all the dancers. Specially the one hour performance by Gatha Odyssey was splendid. Look forward for the 6th Festival

  2. Excellent performances! Thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday evening! Look forward to many future festivals. Thank you!!! Much appreciation, Susan Gottschall