Monday, May 12, 2014

Becoming a Child 

Just recapping on the events of Composers day (5/10/2014). Looking at our students - we are just amazed how they grow up. Teaching a small kid the "swar Gnanam" (knowledge of music notes) is a journey by itself. Although, I am dance teacher - I am also fond of teaching music. I feel it completes me. A journey to figuring the wavelength of sound - and calling this a "SA" is an intriguing one. Singing all the notes to perfect pitch OR dancing to movement to perfect geometry always gets us close to nature - which is already mastered such perfections. We are all made of the same dirt and elements like any other thing in this universe, yet it fascinates me to see the beauty of emotions and feelings. These feelings and emotions which emancipate from a lifeless element which makes all of us including all animals is an cryptic work by itself. 

I watched some kids who started at 5 years and still learning with us, but with an increased awareness of music. It just explains the marvel of human brain's learning abilities. Also its usage perception. I see more adults who bring their own kids are still unable to comprehend the beauty of raga, where a student comprehends and enjoys it. 

It was the same for me also. I always write "We are are artists when we are children". But I never realized the truth until now. It means - one have to be open minded like a child. A 2 - 3 year child grasps what ever it sees in its surrounding. It is this openness which allows it to learn learn faster. As we grow into adulthood, we just forget to be a child, when we face a new art or skill or trade. 

I applied the same rule of "open mindedness of child" - in my elaboration of keeravani raagam with Amba vani on saturday. It was an amazing experience. Believe it or not, I have not learnt the alapanam or swara vistara of Keeravani raga. But my listening to Bombay Jayashree's "Amba Vaani" - in teaching my dance students every class did instill the raga structure. When I sang in front of my students of music on Saturday - actually i became a student of my own thoughts and learning. I felt very humble in front of a principle. This humbleness has a strength which made my sing Keeravani raagam in praise of Goddess Saraswathi - whom I have never seen in person - but felt her in my heart all the times. Felt her energy through the universal components of learning. She is not in human flesh and blood or a photograph or an idol. Saraswati existed in every learning I felt. She guided me through a heartfelt - Keeravani Ragam - and exposed herself to my soul. Wow... it was a great experience - With me Shiv Sankalp was on violin and Ramakrishna Neti was on Mrudangam. Both were very very supportive and whole 25 minutes of singing came like an experience with God (i still don't know where the God is. But it is an Godly experience.).

Well, after the weekend's hectic schedule - my mind recapped this beautiful experience. I am just sharing with you all. Have a nice week.